We always face the problem of choosing gifts, but a gift for a newborn baby is a doubly difficult task. You need to guess about preferences, tastes and necessities of a young mom. The most important thing is that a gift is useful!

But we have a great solution of this task - a gift certificate with different values: 500 UAH, 1000 UAH, 2000 UAH, 3000 UAH. The caring Mom can choose exactly what she needs, considering her tastes and preferences. Such a gift will be definitely appreciated!

-This certificate gives the right of purchasing the entire product range;

-Certificate can not be returned and exchanged for cash equivalent;

-The discount does not apply on the certificate;

-The certificate can be used one-time by indivisible payment ;

-Making purchase in the amount of:

a) less than the certificate’s nominal – the difference will not be refunded;

b) more than the certificate’s nominal – the purchaser provides an additional charge ;

-The certificate can not be restored in case of loss;

-The certificate’s nominal is set in UAH.

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